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Why Connection to Community Matters

There are so many ways I could start this blog. I could do an introduction or even an explanation of what I am able to offer. The fact of the matter is: Where we come from & lived experience matters. It matters that we have a community that claims us, and that we answer to. Our teachings & knowledge are reliant on our experiences.

The original idea for this site has been cultivated and nourished through conversation with community members. The community I speak of, is not solely Indigenous community... Although a majority of conversations surrounding this project have been with Indigenous family (both extended family & immediate relatives). Collective ideas and shared teachings, which have been passed on to each of us, creates a stable foundation for sharing knowledge. The certainty of our teachings is borne of tens of thousands of years of lived experience and lessons learned (from that lived experience).

We each have our gifts, just as we each have our faults. Our lived experience has both inherent knowledge passed on from places of absolute love, and lessons learned through difficult times. Our roots in community allow for both of those experiences, while ensuring there is support & guidance along the way. I have been fortunate in being able to live & flourish within my community... however, I have also witnessed the impacts of traumatic events & colonialism. I have also experienced harm through inter-generational trauma. The lessons learned along the way, have resonated deeply because of the safety net my community & sense of belonging my community has provided.

There are so many teachings being passed on and so much revitalization of our culture, during this time. It is important that we ensure we are learning them while being rooted in community. Our Ancestors fought to remain in community. They fought to be sure our teachings were passed on. The perseverance & strength they had has shown us what is possible. It's our turn to ensure the connection to community is nourished, and that we continue to strengthen our roots & grow together.

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